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Create bets in seconds!

Share with the community or create your own private bets!

Create Bets Your Way. Betting but better

Craft bets effortlessly and engage in the action within moments
  • Public & Private Bets - Your Choice
  • Live Stream Directly from Your Phone
  • Decentralized Betting Validation
  • Join in Global Events
  • Bet on Anything with a Clear Outcome

User Accounts. Reimagined

Your preferences, settings and stats, all in one place
  • Connect Your Wallet with Ease
  • Effortless Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Customize Your User Settings
  • Solidify Security through Authentication
  • Track Your Betting Statistics with Precision
  • Instant Sharing with Friends via QR Code

Leaderboards & Gamification

Compete for Glory on Global Leaderboards and Rise to the Top 
  • Explore Performance with In-Depth Win-Loss Game Analytics
  • Infuse Fun into Betting through Engaging Gamification
  • Observe the Victories of Top Performers Across Various Time Intervals

Leverage Community. Go live, Go social

Share Live Betting and Action to Create Instant Engagement
  • Amplify the Buzz by Allowing Friends and Users to Experience Your Live Bet Streams and Challenges
  • Maximize Prize Pots with 'Live-in bet' promotion
  • Connect through Betting

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