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Chancer’s revolutionary AI-powered blockchain solution is set to stun the $80b global gambling industry

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From friendly wagers to global contests, place your bets as the world watches on

Make your own bets

Chancer’s AI-driven social platform welcomes you to create your own unique bets.

Bet on 1000's of events

From esports winners to album release dates, the world is yours to bet on with Chancer.

Live Streaming

Create a bet, launch a live stream then invite fellow Chancers to join in the fun!

AI excellence

Decentralized, transparent and automated, Chancer’s AI modules mark the future of betting!

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Past challenges

Chancer | Adam vs Paul | FIFA 23 Competition

Chancer | Adam vs Paul | FIFA 23 Competition

Chancer | Your Game, Your Rules, Your Odds

Chancer | Your Game, Your Rules, Your Odds

Chancer | Interview with Jesse Meester

Chancer | Interview with Jesse Meester

Chancer | The Bet's Have Started | AMA Clip

Chancer | The Bet's Have Started | AMA Clip

Chancer | HOT WING CHALLENGE | With Wing Kingz

Chancer | HOT WING CHALLENGE | With Wing Kingz

Over $150,000 to be Won!

$100k Giveaway

Trips to Vegas

And more!!!

Betting and Social Sharing

Chancer: Revolutionizing betting with blockchain and AI tech

Chancer: Revolutionizing betting with blockchain and AI tech

  • Blockchain and AI innovation to set a new, transparent betting network standard
  • Powerful AI modules – create, customize and profit from games about your passions
  • More than a user – own $CHANCER tokens to play a pivotal role in our community
  • Exclusive contribution rewards – the more you take part, the more everyone wins
  • New state of prediction making and correct prediction rewarding
  • Feel the future of social betting – community, creativity and fun as real as the returns!

Create bets and broadcast online to get millions of people involved

Blockchain Presence

$CHANCER will be launched on the BSC blockchain. Binance Smart Chain enables $CHANCER to be purchased with low transaction fees via a secure blockchain that encourages higher activity.

Live Streaming

Chancer will use the real-time communication capabilities of Google-powered WebRTC to provide our community with live streaming powers – a uniquely thrilling opportunity for the entire Chancer community to engage with wagers within your circles.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a powerful technology that enables the Chancer community to connect and compete with one another in real-time social betting. WebRTC, facilitates live video streaming and chat, with users able to watch each other’s gameplay and communicate while making bets and wagers.

Become a Validator

For Chancer to achieve true decentralization, the protocol will run on validator nodes. We’re proud to provide a desirable opportunity for node operators to enjoy reliable passive returns simply for supporting Chancer’s network.

The Platform

$CHANCER token utilities for platform engagement include:

The Platform

$CHANCER token utilities for platform engagement include:



Premium players use $CHANCER to unlock the advanced AI of Bet Guru, which generates real-time insights, dynamic odds and more!



Our world-first Challenge Generator AI channels personal preferences into thrilling, bespoke challenges inspired by global trends


Live Betting

Dive into our ecosystem – use $CHANCER tokens to join live, community-created games and secure huge rewards.


Creating Markets

Create your own betting games then up the excitement by using live stream features for real-time engagement!



Correct predictions reap rewards – regular players and token holders enjoy discounted fees for creating or joining games!



Promote your games to boost participation – then stake $CHANCER to fuel token availability and earning size!

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How to Buy

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to purchase $CHANCER tokens.

$CHANCER can be purchased using BNB, BUSD, ETH or USDT. To do so, first ensure you have a sufficient amount of BNB, BUSD, ETH or USDT in your wallet. You can add BNB, BUSD, ETH or USDT to your wallet via credit card through Transak, an official Chancer partner.

Note: You will require sufficient extra balance to cover gas fees when purchasing $CHANCER – we recommend $10 - 15 to account for fluctuating gas fees.

1. Connect your Wallet

First, ensure you have a $CHANCER-supported wallet set up. We recommend Metamask for desktop and Trust Wallet for mobile. Click “Connect Wallet” to allow $CHANCER to interact with your wallet.


When you have successfully connected your wallet, choose the amount of $CHANCER tokens you wish to purchase then click “Buy”.

Note: If you are purchasing with BUSD or USDT, you will need to click “Approve” before you are able to click “Buy”.

3. Claim your Tokens

$CHANCER tokens can be claimed at the end of our presale. Specific details will be released closer to the time, so keep an eye on our socials to hear about updates first. Once the presale period has concluded, visit the Chancer homepage and click “Claim”.

Truly Decentralised

From its design as a BSC-bridging DAPP to its CertiK-audited immutability  – Chancer is all about championing true decentralization.

Proof of Stake

With PoS consensus mechanisms in place, no single party can take control of Chancer’s community-centric network.

Quadratic governance

Participants in a DAO or other decentralized systems use voice credits to place votes. The cost of casting additional votes increases quadratically with the number of votes cast.

Open-source code

Chancer’s project code will remain open-source, welcoming anyone to review, contribute and propose changes in our ongoing cultivation of platform transparency and trust.

Decentralized data storage

Chancer will use a decentralized storage solution (Filecoin or similar) to ensure that data is stored and accessed in a truly distributed manner.

Censorship resistance

Once launched, Chancer will be resistant to censorship or interference from any single party, ensuring that users can access and interact with the platform free from limitations.

Smart contract security

Our smart contracts will be thoroughly tested and audited by CertiK to prevent vulnerabilities that could compromise decentralization or result in the loss of user funds.

view more on whitepaper

What is CertiK?

We have subjected Chancer’s specifications, smart contract, and team to an audit by CertiK, a leading blockchain security firm that provides auditing and consulting services to enhance the security and trustworthiness of blockchain projects. This audit assessed Chancer’s fundamentals and ensured its code and roadmap met the high standards required in Web3.

CertiK used advanced auditing methodologies and mathematics and conducted a thorough and transparent audit to identify code errors and potential risks. CertiK can enhance confidence in the project’s long-term success and promote responsible stewardship of users’ assets.

Pre-sale News Sign-up

Register your email for the latest news and updates direct from the Chancer team.


We’re extremely excited about the trajectory of Chancer that we have mapped out in our project roadmap below.

Q2 2024

Version 1 Launch - Core Platform Features

User Onboarding:

  • Implementation of user registration system;
  • Development of user login functionality;
  • Integration of account verification process;
  • Player account area;
  • Build Chancer wallet system.

Wallet Connection:

  • MetaMask wallet integration for transactions;
  • Trust Wallet integration for transactions.

Market Interaction:

  • Market Creation Interface: Develop the interface for users to create betting markets;
  • Bet Placement Interface: Design and implement the UI for placing bets on markets;
  • Bet Result Verification System: Build the Bet Result Verification System to be able to determine winner of bet;
  • Active Bets Dashboard: Create a dashboard for users to view their currently active bets;
  • Betting History Log: Develop a feature for users to access their historical betting activity;
  • Bet Result Contest System: Build a system where users can contest the result of a bet which will then be manually decided upon by the platform team dependant on information provided by the market makers and bet takers.

Q3 2024

Version 1 Launch - Core Platform Features Continued

Chancer Admin:

  • Build Admin to allow Chancer employees to resolve bet disputes
  • Build Admin to allow Chancer employees to see deposit and withdrawal requests
  • Build Admin to allow Chancer employees to create, start and end betting markets
  • Build bet money holdings system to hold bet values until a bet outcome is confirmed
  • Build bet result payments system to pay out bet winners

Live Chat Support:

  • Integration of live chat solution for real-time user assistance.

Version 1 Launch:

  • Finalise any remaining V1 features and launch for beta testing
  • Once Beta Testing is complete, full launch of V1 to the public

Q4 2024

Feature Expansion and Initial Advanced Feature Development

Expansion of Betting Markets:

  • Diversify betting market offerings to include more world recognised sports;
  • Diversify betting market offerings to include more world recognised events;
  • Addition of CRM & Tracking Features;
  • Addition of individual user based engagement and retention features like fasttrack or smartico which will allow for personalised activation and reactivation of players;
  • Addition of a gamification engine which will allow the rewarding of loyal and active users of the platform;
  • Addition of user journey tracking and user feedback systems like hotjar in order to be able to analyse and improve user experience in general.

Video Betting enhancements:

  • Build the ability for users to run live video feed on custom markets.

Hot Markets:

  • Build an AI system to highlight hot markets on the platform and feed those to players on the system according to user preferences.

Q1 2025

Continued Development and Beta Testing

Challenge Generator – Initial Development:

  • AI Preference Learning: Start building AI to analyze user betting preferences upon world recognised sports and event types and exposing most preferred to our users;
  • Dynamic Odds Algorithm: Initiate the development of real-time pre game odds recommendations based on AI analysis on world recognised sports and event types.

Challenge Generator – Continued Development:

  • Predictive Analysis for Games: Implement AI-driven game analysis for upcoming real world sports matches;
  • Peer Matchmaking System: Develop a feature to match users with similar betting interests and spending power.

Q2 2025

Version 2 Launch - Advanced Features

Challenge Generator – Completion and Launch:

  • Social Engagement Analysis: Finalize AI analysis of social media trends for betting insights;
  • Custom AI Alerts: Implement AI-driven alerts for new betting opportunities.

Bet Guru – Initial Development:

  • Real-time Game Insights: Begin creating real-time predictive insights feature for sports events;
  • Personalized Betting Recommendations: Start developing personalized betting suggestions based on user history.

Bet Guru – Completion and Launch:

  • Dynamic Odds Adjustment: Finalize real-time odds recommendations feature;
  • Enhanced Personalized Betting Suggestions: Deploy advanced personalized betting recommendation system.

Q3 2025 and Beyond

Version 3 - Refinement and Platform Expansion

Challenge Generator & Bet Guru Enhancements:

  • Iterative improvements based on user feedback;
  • Expansion of AI capabilities for broader sports and event coverage.

Platform Feature Enhancements:

  • Increase in supported cryptocurrencies for betting;
  • Additional social features to enhance community engagement.


Chancer’s objective is to become a self-sufficient platform generating community revenue opportunities through tokenomics and utilities. Furthermore, our community will take full platform control by becoming Node Validators and utilizing the quadratic governance we put in place.

tokenomics image

Presale Stage Information


What is Chancer?

Welcome to Chancer, the first-of-its-kind platform where community driven betting meets live streaming. As a unique playground for $CHANCER token holders, Chancer lets you craft and join in on exciting betting games with friends and the broader community.

Have you got a hunch about who will win the next big sports match or the outcome of an upcoming election? Or do you have a fun, out-of-the-box event in mind? With Chancer, you can create a betting game around it, set your own rules, and even decide the rewards for correct guesses.

But the fun continues beyond creating games. As a $CHANCER token holder, you can also join in on games created by others. Plus, by holding $CHANCER tokens, you’re not just a player but a stakeholder in our platform’s success and the games created on it. So, why wait? Dive in and start shaping the future of social betting with Chancer!

What is a presale?

A presale is a token sale event before a coin/token launch in which the general public can participate. Therefore, the presale fundraising targets are often lower than the main Coin launch event.

This allows retail buyers to purchase a token at an early-bird price before it goes public. Therefore, presale is a potential opportunity to buy crypto tokens or coins before they are circulated and listed on exchanges.

What network does Chancer operate on?

The proprietary $CHANCER token will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) blockchain.

Binance Smartchain enables the purchase of $CHANCER through a secure blockchain that ensures low transaction fees and encourages higher frequencies of activity.

However the $CHANCER token can be purchased using ETH and USDT also. As BNB is the main network, users will be able to bridge from the Ethereum network to BNB.

What is the main aim of Chancer?

Chancer is setting out to become the go-to place for all things related to social and predictive betting in the digital world. It’s not just about being the first, but about being the best – a truly decentralised platform where you can create, participate, and even live stream your own betting games for others to join in on. With Chancer, you’re not just betting; you’re part of a vibrant, global community.

What utilities does the $CHANCER token offer?

Chancer will deliver several $CHANCER token utilities for general platform engagement as well as for becoming a validator of the network via node running.

Token utilities available on the platform are as follows. These are also outlined in more detail in our whitepaper.

  • Betting
  • Market making rewards
  • Winnings
  • Share2Earn
  • Staking
  • Discounted fees

Is Chancer a decentralized platform?

The Chancer platform provides a decentralized, transparent marketplace where individuals can predict outcomes and receive rewards. The Chancer platform empowers you to create and personalize markets in real time based on your interests, expertise and social opportunities.

We will deliver the following technology over a technical roadmap to achieve’ true decentralization’. These are also outlined in more detail in our whitepaper

  • ‘Proof of Stake’ consensus mechanism
  • Quadratic governance
  • Open-source code
  • Distributed nodes
  • Decentralized data storage
  • Smart contract security
  • Censorship resistance

Is there an opportunity to earn passive returns through the Chancer protocol?

The protocol will run on Validator Nodes for the Chancer platform to achieve true decentralization. Nodes exist to ensure the network runs smoothly, validates transactions at speed and maintains Chancer’s fully decentralized state.

This alone provides an excellent opportunity for Node operators to enjoy passive returns.

  1. 50% (25% of the transaction fee) goes to the Node operator
  2. Remaining 50% shared among voters on that particular Node

Nodes will go on sale to the community alongside the $CHANCER token during Chancer’s Pre-Sale.

Can I stake the $CHANCER token?

Token holders can participate in enhancing Chancer platform security by staking their $CHANCER tokens. In return, they shall be rewarded by the network with more $CHANCER tokens.

Will there be a loyalty programme for Chancer?

Chancer will introduce a unique “Loyalty” program that reimburses a small number of transaction fees the user pays after conducting several transactions.

This rebate protocol has been built to make the Chancer platform more economically viable and adaptive amongst its entire blockchain ecosystem of users. In addition, the existence of rebate opportunities will encourage users to conduct transactions more frequently.

Chancer’s Wallet System provides flawless and fast transactions for users with their $CHANCER tokens.

What are the tokenomics for $CHANCER?

Chancer aims to become a self-sufficient platform generating community revenue opportunities through tokenomics and utilities. Furthermore, the Chancer community will ensure decentralisation of the platform by becoming Node Validators and utilizing the quadratic governance we put in place.

  • 1,500,000,000 Total Supply
  • 65% Made Available for Pre-Sale
  • 15% Product Development
  • 10% CEX & Marketing
  • 5% Staking Pool
  • 5% Dex Provision & Liquidity

Will there be an audit carried out for the $CHANCER token?

Safety and transparency are of utmost importance to Chancer in the Web3 realm. Therefore, we are committed to providing maximum security to the $CHANCER token and its holders.

To achieve this goal, we subjected Chancer’s specifications, smart contract and team to an audit by CertiK, a leading blockchain security and transparency company. This audit assessed Chancer’s fundamentals and ensured its code and roadmap met the high standards required in Web3. CertiK used advanced auditing methodologies and mathematics and conducted a thorough and transparent audit to identify code errors and potential risks. Additionally, CertiK performed a full KYC check and interviewed all senior team members.

At Chancer, we share CertiK’s commitment to raising standards in blockchain and Web3 technology. That’s why we are proud to have the CertiK stamp of approval on Chancer and the $CHANCER token.

Is there a governance programme planned for Chancer?

Whenever there is a need to amend or introduce new functionality into the Chancer platform, token holders will be able to decide whether they want it onboarded. The decision is made following a vote submitted by the majority of participants.

Once a proposal is made and approved for decision, the voting event takes place over a pre-agreed period of time, and only token holders are allowed to participate.

Will there be any additional security measures for the Chancer token?

In addition to the CertiK audit, we maintain the safety and security of all assets under management through multisignature wallets. Chancer’s treasury assets are designed to be managed by multiple keyholders, with two or more private key signatures required to execute transactions. This ensures the security and integrity of the treasury function.

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