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How to Set Up Trust Wallet

First, ensure you have a $CHANCER-supported wallet set up. We recommend Metamask for desktop and Trust Wallet for mobile. Click “Connect Wallet” to allow $CHANCER to interact with your wallet.

Step 1 – Download the official Trust Wallet app

Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet app backed by the Binance exchange. You can download it from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store – or simply use the download link at Trust Wallet.

Step 2 – Create a wallet

You will now be asked if you already have a Trust Wallet or whether you wish to create a new one. Click “Create a Wallet”.

Step 3 – Keep a record of your passphrase

Carefully note down your 12-word Trust Wallet backup passphrase. Next, you must manually enter these 12 words correctly so that Trust Wallet knows you have successfully recorded your backup passphrase. 

Note: If your phone is lost or stolen, the only way to regain access to your Trust Wallet funds will be by entering this backup passphrase – so don’t lose it!

Step 4 – Add the Chancer token

Now that Trust Wallet is set up on your mobile device, you can add the Chancer token. Do this by clicking the “+” icon to the top-right of the screen, followed by “Add Custom Token” at the end of the list. 

Your network will be selected as Ethereum by default so you will need to switch to Binance Smart Chain – this is the correct setting for adding the $CHANCER token. 

Step 5 – Paste the $CHANCER contract address

Paste the $CHANCER token contract address into the entry box. 

Double-check that you have pasted the $CHANCER contract address correctly before submitting. 
If you’re unsure, we recommend verifying your $CHANCER contract address using the official Chancer Telegram group.

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